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Tis the season to be jolly!

With a New Year on the horizon, the festive season is a time for reflection and celebration. Could that be why, according to a recent survey, November and December account for 26% of marriage proposals?

Posted by Charlotte on December 13, 2022

With a New Year on the horizon, the festive season is a time for reflection and celebration. Could that be why, according to a recent survey, November and December account for 26% of marriage proposals, with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve being sited as popular times to pop the question?

So with that in mind, we thought we’d turn our attention to the benefits of hiring an event planner, party planner, or wedding planner. Whether it’s an engagement, wedding or milestone birthday party, make sure to celebrate in style and with a big bang!

Why Hire an Event Planner?

In the past, event planners were deemed to be an extravagance only meant for the elite. After all, why pay out for the extra cost of hiring an event planner when you could probably do it yourself? Thankfully times have changed and there’s a huge benefit and value to hiring an expert, who can navigate and guide you through the process of planning a special event. Here are a few reasons why.

Save Time & Money

With our ever-demanding work/life schedules, finding the time to plan an event can be overwhelming for some. Where do you start? How many hours will you have to spend scouring the internet to find suppliers? That’s where an event planner comes in. Not only can they save you time but in most cases they can also save you money too by approaching relevant suppliers who can work with your budget, whilst still delivering good quality and service. They can also pass on discounts, which aren’t available to the general public, saving you the money you spent hiring them in the first place.

Little Black Book

Good event planners will have a little black book of tried & tested suppliers at their fingertips, who have been chosen for their talent, creativity, reliability and level of service. So you can be assured that you’re hiring the best possible suppliers for the job in hand. Whether it be marquee hire, caterers, entertainment, DJ’s, florists, special effects etc. – you name it, they can provide it.

Creative Design

An event planner will understand what elements are essential to making an event look great and will be able to suggest areas that can be cut to allow for budget to be spent on more “show stopping” elements. They will help you to refine your ideas for the event to create a memorable evening for you and your guests, which reflects your personality, style, budget and vision.

Stress Free

It will save you a lot of stress & anxiety, knowing that a safe pair of hands is guiding you along the process. They will manage all the essential party ingredients from start to finish, leaving you to enjoy the party with friends and family without any of the worry of how it's all running.

"Having a fiftieth party at home could be as stressful as a wedding to organise, time-consuming and very easy to make mistakes and omissions. The best organisational decision we made was to ask someone else to organise it for us, Charlotte at Papillon Events.

She had obviously organised many successful events before, knew what would work, what wouldn’t, knew who to call and when to call them. Seamless."

— Simon & Jo Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Expert Advice

An event planner will talk you through each element of your event, suggesting ideas and making recommendations to keep you on track and within budget. Most event planners offer a full planning service (from concept to completion), last minute preparations and on the day co-ordination so you can choose the level of service you feel most comfortable with. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that they will be with you on the day/night to orchestrate every last detail.

"It was fantastic to have a second pair of eyes and in those moments where things began to get overwhelming Papillon Events were always there with a well-thought out suggestion. I can highly recommend them."

— Amanda & Chris, Binfield Heath, Oxfordshire

If you are planning a celebratory event next year and would like to explore the benefits of having your very own dedicated event planner, give Papillon Events a call. We understand that every client and event is unique and love nothing more than turning a clients dream event into reality.

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